Moving to Substack.

Nope, it's Lily
2 min readMay 8, 2021

Hello Medium friends.

Early on in my writing career here I used a ton of disparate platforms for various things (YouTube, Medium, Substack). I decided last month for a few reasons to primarily continue writing on Substack, which in my opinion is a fantastic and growing platform. I still love Medium, but I found the business model of what I’m trying to do (the monthly/yearly subscription fees, for example) to be a better fit. Additionally, I happen to know a few people at Substack, and I love supporting smaller enterprises. This isn’t a complete sign off from Medium though. I may in the future start migrating some of my older, long-form content back here. However, I’m also moving to a paid subscriber model — not for me, but for charity.

The substack link is

For my substack, I’m using the subscriptions to raise money for charity. At current, 75% of the initial proceeds I receive will go monthly to a charity of my choosing (last month was Berkeley Chess School, this month is likely them again!). The remaining 25% I will reserve for future taxes (potentially), or will donate if it turns out I don’t actually owe any taxes on it (unclear).

If you want to continue following along, I’ve written prolifically this past month and none of my substacks at the moment are pay-locked. If money is an issue for you, I totally understand, and you can also DM me or join the NOPE discord and see them for free ( I am a huge believer in giving information for free; the whole purpose of my writings is to provide a way to fully replace me if at ever a time, I am no longer here (or able to provide information).

Cheers and safe trading.

  • Lily Francus