Interpreting the NOPE: A Brief User’s Guide

I’ll keep it short, and also post a TL;DR on NOPE:

  1. The intersection of the lines probably don’t mean anything. — It’s not a well scaled graph, and it’s clear the Y axis is very different between NOPE, NOPE_MAD, and SPY price. Please don’t apply TA like golden crosses; it’s likely complete noise.
  2. Why did the black line stop? — This is running on a literal shoestring budget, because it’s literally against our morals to try to charge for this. Right now I think the website is running at like -$150/mo, but thankfully our team can afford it. That said, our infra and data connections ain’t good, plus it’s a side job/project, so sometimes shit breaks.

Interpreting the NOPE


Next day (and beyond)




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Nope, it's Lily

Nope, it's Lily

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